[Science Made Stupid]


Tom Weller is a resident of Berkeley, California. Someday, however, he hopes to become an American citizen. His writing and illustrations have appeared in Omni, Reader's Digest, and bathrooms around the world. He has won major awards, such as science fiction's "Hugo," but to his dismay none of them had any accompanying cash prize.

His books Science Made Stupid and its sequel Cvltvre Made Stvpid established his reputation as a universal authority as well as a boffola humorist. Strangely, Weller claims that he himself has no sense of humor whatever, but is merely "channeling" a 2000-year-old humorist named Lenny of Athens.

Today Weller spends most of his time on his 700-foot yacht plying the world's seas, and is thus unavailable to address literary societies, judge needlepoint contests, or lend anybody fifty bucks. He recently retired from writing, being unable to stand the strain of writing short biographies of himself.

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